How to Install a Shower Head

How to Install a Shower Head

How to Install a Shower Head

As one of life’s simple pleasures, nothing can compare to being under a reviving hot shower after a stressful day at work. However, you may not be aware that almost half of the water running out of your standard shower head falls on the bathroom floor, resulting in precious water – and your money – heading down the drain.


You don’t have to be an environmentalist to know that water is preheated before it reaches your shower, and heating water means energy consumption. If you’re concerned about saving on water and energy bills, it’s important that you know how to install a shower head and replace your old one with a new water-saving model, to make a good shower head buying decision check

Look at the newer models

You may recall that the early design of low-flow shower heads did nothing but limit the flow of water and, as you know, restricted water pressure usually translates to less enjoyable shower experience. Today’s modern water-saving shower heads have features such as droplet size control and oxygen-mixing system, and while they save you water and energy, they nevertheless still give you the feel of standing under a traditional full-flow shower head.

Here’s a simple guide on how to install a shower head that’s energy-efficient to replace your old one.

Install your shower head

  • The first step is to look closely for small screws on the under side of the shower head and remove them if present.

  • Most shower heads can be unscrewed manually. Carefully unscrew the faulty shower head to separate it from the water supply pipe. If the shower head won’t budge, use a pair of vise grips to gently unscrew it.

  • Hold steady the water supply pipe as you slowly turn to unscrew the shower head. Avoid sudden twisting or jerking movements as you may damage the water supply pipe. TIP: So as not to damage the surface of your new shower head, simply line the wrench’s jaw with electrical or masking tape.

  • An important point in how to install a shower head is to first wind some Teflon tape or apply pipe adhesive on the water supply pipe’s threads to ensure there won’t be any leaks.

  • Screw the new shower head replacement back in the same manner. You’re done!

Surprise info

A low-flow shower head can be purchased for only $10 or less and even the more expensive ones with all the bells and whistles wouldn’t cost more than $100. Think about this – if these units can save you $10 on your water and heating expenses per month, then they can pay for themselves in less than a year.

Knowing how to install a shower head that’s resource-friendly will not only allow you to save a bundle. It’s good to know that you’ve done your share to help the environment.